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When you research Vision Statements vs Mission Statements, some sources tell you that you need to have a Mission Statement first to describe what you’re doing. Yet the Vision Statement is describing where you are going. It seems ridiculous to say what you’re doing before you know where you’re going.

That’s like saying “We get in the car and drive.” and then say “Our destination is Mars!”

(That may be a bad example given that is describing pretty much what Elon Musk is doing, but you get the idea! 😉)

Our Mission Statement

NetWyrc Solutions' mission is, first and foremost, to listen!

Listen to our clients, their staff, customers, industry... whoever and whatever we need to listen to that will enable us to understand each client's unique story. Only with a good understanding of each client's specific needs can we begin to recommend solutions!!

The goal of technology, any technology; from hammers to computers, is to make work easier. While we are listening to our client's needs and during any subsequent work, we will always keep in mind that everyone had to be taught how to swing a hammer at some point, and we all started off with "Where's the 'On' switch?". Solutions will never be tossed at a client without training! It does take longer, but if our goal is to have people happy with the Solutions, they have to know what's going on!

a picture of an old Sinclair computer with a rose on top of it.

Our Vision

Our true vision would be to have everyone love computers and technology as much as we do! 
We know that's not really attainable, so our realistic vision is to help people hate the tech they are using in their work activities just a little bit less!
We can work on the "love" part later!

About NetWyrc Solutions

Guided by the vision of founder Neil Wyrchowny, NetWyrc Solutions is committed to presenting people-centric technology solutions to our clients. Although Neil is the principal consultant, face, and voice of NetWyrc Solutions, we are also able to draw on a cooperative network of experts in a wide variety of fields whom Neil has encountered through decades in IT, in order to fit solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs.

We will be the first to tell you that there is no one person who knows everything there is to know about computers and technology!

We can also tell you that there is very often more than one right answer in technology, but we will always strive to find the answer that best suits your business, your people and you!

About Neil Wyrchowny

My “story-book romance” with computers began at the University of Manitoba in 1977! (I could easily say “before you were born” and be right more often than not.) I had never even seen a computer outside of science fiction before then, but it was definitely ‘love at first sight’. Perhaps I was less enamored with the long lines to get to the card punch stations… and longer lines to get to the card reader to get the paper output, but there were ways around that…

As some romances go, this is one of those stories that ended up with me staying away right off and not pursuing my love immediately; moving from job to job in everything from surveying to managing a Radio Shack (yes, I am that old!). But no matter what I did or where I worked, I was always the go-to guy for ‘techie stuff’.

To bring a very long story short, I finally accepted my calling and dedicated myself to computers and technology in the 80’s, working as a Senior Network Controller at the RCMP, IT Consultant, Team Lead at MTS, IT Consultant, Solutions Manager at RMS and finally now founding NetWyrc Solutions. Somewhere near the end of my tenure with the RCMP, I also took on the rewarding challenge of revamping and teaching a course in Computer Networking at Red River College. I had the pleasure of doing that for several years and have had the great satisfaction of working with several of my students later in my career.

A small sample of some of my other accomplishments along my journey were (in no particular order) creating an interface between a mainframe and a PC based network (even including designing and creating the necessary cables), rolling out and integrating numerous disparate PC networks, leading a team of 22 computer professionals spread throughout the province, crafting a manual to simplify the use of a national network monitoring system, rolling out Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Business Voice to enable business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve also enabled dozens of businesses to get online to engage their customers in the simple act of communication and managing their business brand online as well as making sales through eCommerce.

Early along in my long and winding tech-road I discovered that a technological solution is not really about the technology! It’s about the people who use and live with that technology after the solution is implemented. 

Technology is not supposed to be frustrating! It’s supposed to make people’s lives better!

A solution is finding the pain that people are experiencing and finding a way to relieve that pain. It could be through changing or automating technology, it could be through removing bad technology and it could be through training!

I’ve been told that I possess a rare combination of understanding business, people, AND technology!

I look forward to bringing that understanding to aid your business in your technology needs.